Client Testimonials

Here are just a few of the wonderful testimonials over the years that self publishing authors have said in regards to the artwork that I created for their books.

Hello Denis,
I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome job you did with the illustrations for WawaGoose - Meeting At Fort Friendship. EVERYBODY loves your art work! The printing company who did my book was extremely complimentary about your work. They even added your name as a preferred illustrator and posted your site as one of their links. My web-page designer also commented with great praise about the quality of your work. Children and adults alike ALWAYS state how much they love the illustrations.
I am extremely happy to have chosen you as my illustrator. You are so easy to work with, and responded immediately to any question I had. When I first decided to do a book, I wanted a professional illustrator, someone who could create "eye-catching"
illustrations. I know I made the right choice in choosing Denis Proulx.
Thank you Denis.
Raymond MacDonnell 


Hello Denis,
I can't express enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with you.  The illustrations you created for "I GOT THE TERRIBLE TWOS BLUES" really brought the characters to life.  I was impressed with your professionalism and being a first-time, I was very appreciative with the help and advice that you gave along the way.  Your creative vision really gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for.  When readers first see the book, immedietly they are drawn to the outstanding cover art.  I have recieved so much positive feedback that I have decided to turn this into a mini-series and I would love for you to be a part of that as well.   
Thanks again for all your hard work!


Denis Proulx is a wonder to work with. He came in under budget and ahead of schedule for our project. Our storybooks are beautiful and we owe it all to his talents. I highly recommend him for your next project. He is a true professional and a joy to work with.
Sandy Gonzales

Kyla & Carlos book series
Director of Corporate Communications & Executive Assistant Mercury Retail Services


To whom it may concern:

I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with a great illustrator while doing my first children’s book, Denis Proulx. He understood what I was looking for  since I was a new author, he really paid attention to detail which is what stood out for me . It was very professional, as well as a pleasure fromstart to finish.He actually just helped me complete my second book, and it was very smooth, and seamless. If you need an illustrator I would highly recommend Denis Proulx as your first choice.  


Colleen Thompson
Claudine and Claudette

Denis is an amazing artist, he is easy to work with, No ego. He makes the changes you want without arguing about it :-) some of the artist are so "sensitive" to criticism, not Denis.
I made a choice to go with Denis because he does what he says he is going to do, in a timely manner, his art is colorful and fun + You own the rights to your illustrations. My books have received international attention, including winning 1st prize at San Francisco book festival this year, I could not have done that without Denis by my side..

Good Luck

Anita Telle

Hi Denis

Check out the great rating given Lucky’s Lick:

Your artwork is mentioned. This is great achievement. My sincere thanks for making it happen.
Sincerely, Mary Vela


Anyone who is looking for someone to do your illustrations need not look any further.  I wrote my first children's book, Jake's Trip to the Police Station,  and spent several hours going around the net looking for that special illustrator.  I had contacted several of them and decided to go with Denis Proulx.  I feel after working with him, I could not have found a better illustrator for my book.  Denis is quick to offer suggestions to help me out with my book as far as the illustrations go, and always got back to me in a timely manor.  Denis is easy to work with and made lightening fast changes to the illustrations, keeping and exceeding any deadlines he gave me.  One of the things I found quite helpful is Denis allows you to pay for the work as it progresses.  This was a huge benefit for a guy on a limited budget.  I would HIGHLY recommend Denis to anyone who is in need for illustrator/artist services. 

Thank you so much Denis..........Officer Matthew Bobby

Hi Denis,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how happy I am with your illustrations. I LOVE what you have created with Meet Mac our pet Raven.  You have been fantastic to work with.  You have created the characters in my first two books, even better than I ever could have imagined.  Even the sceneries you created are incredible and detailed.  You listened to my ideas and added to them, in a way that I feel, no one else could have done.  I’m so thrilled to have found you to help this first time author bring her books alive.  Mac the Raven and his friends are ready to entertain the children, actually all ages, as my 84 year old Aunt said.  Everyone who has seen my books so far, have absolutely said your illustrations are exceptional and so professional.  You are so easy to work with and so helpful with all of my needs.  I’m a lucky girl to have found you.  THANK YOU, I so look forward to working with you on my additional 5 books, and the new characters that you will be creating. Thank you for your patience and exceptional work.  I LOVE IT!!

I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to have their work professionally done and you also did it in a timely manner.  Super Job!!

Linda Sund 
Mac or pet raven book series


Dear Denis, thank you so much for brining my children’s book Little Remy to life. You were so helpful during the entire production of my book. When my publishers were closed on the weekends, I could always depend on you for an answer. When you gave me a time frame for my illustrations to be done, you were right on time. To top it all your illustrations were so phenomenal people everywhere are asking me, who is Denis Prouix! It was so great working with you on my first book, and I can’t wait for us to get started on my next two projects later this summer.


Rick Daniels
Little Remy the little boy who didn't want to go to school


To Whom It May Concern, 

Denis Proulx has illustrated two of my children’s books under the series, The Bell Dogs, by Teresa Fath.  Denis has been a great asset to my planning and development of the visuals of the books, bringing the characters to life.  He has been knowledgeable and helpful to me in choosing a publisher and even building my website.  He responds immediately to my questions and concerns, whether my email or telephone.  I am grateful to have found a colleague who is as patient and flexible as he is and understanding of what it is I am trying to accomplish.  I consider him a team player and a true professional in his field and will use him in future projects.  He comes with high recommendations as being very versatile and willing to compromise in order to achieve a partnered goal. 

Teresa Fath

Dear Denis
This past year and a half have been wondrous thanks to you!

First you did the illustrations for my album
Cherry Town Khazad Doom 40th Anniversary album, a collection of songs that I wrote way back in 1967-8.  Back then I had an idea, but in 2008, you managed to work with me and really make my original concept and each zany character come alive. You not only did a wonderful cover and label, but also you did "concept illustrations" for each of the twelve songs which was included in a sixteen page pamphlet inserted into each vinyl album and with each CD which are now selling to collectors around the world!  I am so proud of the finished product and I was proud to include a credit for your fine work because everybody always asks about it! Additionally, I worked on the booklet as one of my projects at school and was very proud to have been named "student of the year," partially because of that!

Then you did the twenty or so illustrations for my STANLEY'S VISIT TO KERKLE MORFF, the video for another song I wrote back in 1971.  So, for it, you did all the illustrations of Stanley's journey around the world, inventing a flying machine, and landing in "Kerkle-Morff," a make-believe kingdom on an island in the Atlantic.  You took my rough ideas and sculpted them into the reality I was saw in my head.  It was just magic, seeing the ideas in my head come out on paper!  You would do an illustration and we would tweak it, and it was beautiful.  You were gracious and accommodating with my suggestions and made me a part of the process.  So professional!  We're about to finally have my birthday ballon ride, so you and I will have to do a phone call for the video so I can thank you in person on it.
Many Thanks!!! Jack Eadon

Hello Denis
Thank you for everything!  You have been a true professional and your creative talent has made my characters come to life.  You have made the "birth of Sir Sniffsalot and Friends an absolutely painless and exciting "delivery"!   I have many more characters and poems waiting to be born! Also! Just wanted to let you know that The Adventures of Sir Sniffsalot and His Friends was submitted to the Wisconsin Printing Industries "Graphics in Excellence Awards" by my printer and it won Best of Category for Juvenile Books! This is the biggest awards selections for the printing industry in the state of Wisconsin.
Sincerely and Congratulations!
Terry Gould

Hi Denis
I am writing this letter to tell you how happy we are with the final artwork that you have created for our new book. You captured the essence of the characters we had imagined and brought them to life. You are a pleasure to work with; responsible regarding deadlines;  and very patient with clients as they brainstorm and change their concepts. You are a true professional. Without any hesitation I would recommend you to anyone in need of an artist. You are a unique and amazing talent.  Thanks again for your hard work, thoughts and vision.
Stephen A Tye
Pirates Gold


Hi Denis
I couldn't have found a better illustrator to work with
the vision of my story character I held in my head
Trying to get someone to see what you see in your mind can be difficult, but Denis listened, read the story and imagined what the author wanted.  He then let me refine it to fit the vision and story line, instead of selling me on an "off the shelf product". 
I wanted originality and someone who could work with what I wanted not the other way around.  We will be working together in the future on another project, for sure.

Joe C. Pickett
Margo the Weird Cat
EL Passo Texas


Hi Denis
 I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the outstanding job Denis did to illustrate and bring to life my children’s book, My Imaginary Friend.   
To Denis’s credit he was able to work with another graphic artist and take to the heart of the book her recommendations also.  I was “picky” beyond belief and Denis was always responsive to my ideas and concerns.  My editor had the final approval on the cover of the book and her comments were that Denis was very talented and it the cover was beautiful. Denis’s work shows a lot of “heart”.

I wanted to also let you know that My Imaginary Friend received an award from Skipping Stones magazine for the 2008 Book Awards. 
My Best, 
Shirley Ann Povondra
My Imaginary Friend

Dear Denis
Working with you has been an absolute pleasure!  As a first time author
it was impossible for me not to worry about every little detail;  but you
constantly put me at ease.  You listened, created, and worked with me step
by step.  Your patience was beyond measure!  You allowed my publisher to
step in and get what they needed as well.  I could NEVER have done this
without you!  My book is absolutely fabulous!!!  Everyone is raving about
the illustrations.  The vivid color, large characters, and clean simple
lines, have brought this elementary level book to life!!!
"How Tall is a Giant?" goes nationwide in August!  I cannot wait! Thank
you for your kindness, your patience, and most of all your incredible artwork.

Very Sincerely,
Lorraine Strenkowski, author
How Tall is a Giant
Thanks, Denis
These wonderful covers are just what my tales of adventure needed. My editor and publisher both thought they turned out great. You were a pleasure to work with and I'll be in touch whenever I create another episode for Buster Boogernose.
Mark Stellinga
Iowa City, Iowa
The Adventures of Buster Boogernose
Thank you so much for the enthusiasm with which you embraced my project. The spark of creativity you provided both in the development of the characters of Alfalfa and Ava, Bella and Benny Bunny, and Clark and Clara Cats. Your graphical interpretation of their story  is just what the project needed. Even though we are separated by countless miles, our collaboration and communication went so smoothly from the first character sketches, across revisions and to the final high resolution images. Being new to the illustration process your experience, your insight and your willingness to share was incredibly helpful. Thank you again for your work and  I look forward to using your talents again in the future.
Mark Salerno
Alfafa and Ava Take The Train
Bella and Benny Bunny at the Beach
Clark and Clara Cats Carnival Capper


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