Authors Comments

Good evening Denis,
How are you? I hope you had a lovely holiday season.  I just wanted to let you know that my book of Magali and Aiwa the Whale is having a good success.  I’ve had 3 book presentations and it has been popular each time.  One of the reason for this success is your illustrations.  I’ve received so many compliments. The most popular image is of Magali riding on the back Aiwa. It seems to touch something inside people’s imagination. Some buy the book because they love your sea creatures and it is quite a thrill to watch. So thank you one more time for your great work.
I want to take this opportunity to wish you the very best for this new year.

kind regards,

​Hi Denis,
Your illustrations were a big hit with the  people who have seen it and I cannot again thank you enough for your encouragement.  While I will never be a renowned author I am sure, it is an accomplishment for me just the same.
Thanks ever so much.

Dear Denis,
I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you have done toTHE SALT AND PEPPER SHAKER.  Just from the samples that you have sent to me I can see that you have done a superb job thus far. 
You are the one that has brought this story to life.  I only wrote the words.  Your illustrations have truly brought this story to life.
After searching many websites I choose you to illustrate my book, because I felt that you were superior over all of the others.  Did you ever think about applying to DISNEY in Burbank?  I guess you just like working for yourself. 
You are my Elton John to my Bernie Talman.  I write the words, you write the music.
Howard Allen


Hi Denis,
Writing to let you know I received the CDs with the illustrations for Bippy the Alien. Thank you so much for working on this project. It was an absolute pleasure, I love your work, and it was so fun to see your talent in process.
I will definitely send you a sample copy of the book once it's ready.
Hope all is well and thanks again!
Best regards,

Hi Denis

She has staff members that illustrate books. She did it once before and I was surprised. I only saw the work after it was completed. This time I sent her an e-mail to make sure. Their work is not QUALITY, like yours. Did I tell you that Lucky’s Lick was awarded a Five Star Rating? You may want to add the seal to your website. I attended a Book Fair and “The Ant Who Can’t” attracted attention. They laughed when they noticed that the ant had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Thank you for your fine work

Hi Denis

The books have arrived.. Could you please send me the address you would like me to send one to. I think you will be pleased. I am absolutely thrilled.
I must tell you that one of the first questions that people ask me after they read the book is "Who did the illustrations ?" and "Where did you find him ?" .

I am the first to admit how fortunate I was to to work with you. Our individual contributions for this project fit to-gether like a glove. Thank you my friend

for your amazing creative talent and your patience. I am already looking forward to working with you again.

Sid Golden

Dear Denis,

Words cannot express how amazing you are at what you do!  You took my words and made them come to life right before my eyes.  I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you on my book series "The Adventures of TuMe The Tug Boat." I have received tons of compliments on the illustrations thus far.  The publishing packet I ordered was absolutely fantastic as well.  You guided me through each step and answered all of my questions in a timely fashion.  I could not have done this without you for sure.  You are truly amazing at what you do!  I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Monique Brown

I have wonderful experience working with Denis.

Not only Denis has created great artwork for my book; he designed the book, including book cover, and took complete care for publishing the book at Amazon site

Denis has made the whole process of book publishing easy and flawless.

Throughout the whole process, Denis was thorough, patient and highly professional in dealing with me as his customer.

My collaboration with Denis exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend his services for both book illustration and publishing package.

Alex T., California   

A few Authors Testimonials

Authors Comments

Hi Denis,

Looking for an illustrator for children's books can not only be challenging, but time-consuming. We look for professionalism, price effectiveness, and ease of a work environment where trust, commitment, and honesty exist between ourselves and the illustrator. Denis Proulx has proved to be just that kind of Illustrator. He has illustrated three books for me so far, and it has been an enjoyable journey. I look forward to choosing him for my next  6 books that are ready to be completed.

Happy Journey! Jennifer Swanson​
The Character Traits Series

Hello Denis.
I hope everything is going well with you.
Just wanted to let you know that The Adventures of Sir Snifflsalot and His Friends was submitted to the Wisconsin Printing Industries "Graphics in Excellence Awards" by my printer and it one Best of Category for Juvenile Books! This is the biggest awards selections for the printing industry in the state of Wisconsin.

​Congratulations!  Terry Gould


Working with you has been an absolute pleasure!  As a first time author
it was impossible for me not to worry about every little detail;  but you
constantly put me at ease.  You listened, created, and worked with me step
by step.  Your patience was beyond measure!  You allowed my publisher to
step in and get what they needed as well.  I could NEVER have done this
without you!  My book is absolutely fabulous!!!  Everyone is raving about
the illustrations.  The vivid color, large characters, and clean simple
lines, have brought this elementary level book to life!!!

"How Tall is a Giant?" goes nationwide in August!  I cannot wait! Thank
you for your kindness, your patience, and most of all your incredible

Very Sincerely,
Lorraine Strenkowski, author

If you are a first time author, like me, you might want to contact Denis Proulx. He will use his creative ability to create illustrations that will bring your story to another level. Once he completed my illustrations I had noticed that Denis also offered a publishing package on his website, that is linked with createspace. This is a bonus especially if you are new and aren't familiar with the process. I highly recommend working with Denis from creating illustrations to getting your book ready for print. His patience and knowledge in the whole process was truly inspiring.  It created a wonderful relationship and I look forward to many more book projects together.

Blair Osmond
Moses the Moose