Cartoon Logo Designs

Let me create that Cartoon Logo just right for your business, sports team and much more!

Cartoon Logo Design 

A cartoon logo design is the right fit for businesses that want to come across as friendly, amusing, fun or expressive. But there is more to cartoon logos than just fun colors and friendly fonts. Below is a list of different ways a cartoon logo can become a vital part of your brand and company.

Using a Logo Relevant to Your Business

A logo can make your company more inviting and interesting, but if poorly applied, it can make your business seem silly and disconnected. Take The General Car Insurance logo, for example. The cartoon character general and his penguin sidekick make no sense and make the company seem silly to some viewers. But a good logo can illustrate the value of your business in a creative and fun way. A good cartoon style design could be used for a TV network, for a sport’s team, or for a fast food restaurant.

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