A cover can also create preconceptions in a reader’s mind about what the characters or the setting look like. It is debatable whether or not this is a good thing, as the cover design may not match the author or reader’s ideas, but it could act as a visual aid where necessary. Romance and erotica obviously make good use of this fact with appealing models on the front cover, enticing readers as much as they might entice each other as characters in the story.

A well-designed cover
​is the first assurance the reader has that the book is of a high quality, both in content and delivery.

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Yes! we do judge a book by its cover.
​Let me create your book cover with an illustration including the title text and graphic layout.

The popular idiom is
​“Don’t judge a book by its cover,”  
but despite how true it might be in an idealistic sense, the reality of the book industry is that the vast majority of readers do indeed use the cover of a book as a deciding factor in not only whether or not they should buy the book, but if they will enjoy it as well.

With millions of books for readers to choose from, the first “sales pitch” is the cover.

If it is not striking enough to draw attention, it will be passed over for something more interesting on either side.


The cover is not only a billboard for the book, but, in a sense, the first page of the story, because it is here that the book can communicate a little of the style and mood of the tale inside. 

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​A cover that attracks attention to the reader. Covers for fiction, non fiction and children's books.