Tume The Tug Boat

Denis Proulx is the perfect illustrator for any children’s book project! He has illustrated many children’s books for me, including a recent coloring book project. I'm always impressed with his work. He is friendly, offers reasonable prices, and has an impeccable turnaround time. A magical children’s book awaits! I highly recommend Denis for all your illustration needs.
-Lisa Selner

Orion & Letty

Character Traits Series

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Rubert the jumping duck

Moses The Moose Series

Kyla and Karlos Series

Malcolm X

Children's book illustrations

Mac The Raven Series

Annita Telle Series

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Hugo And Friends Series

The Adventures of
​Princess Dane Nala Series

Ronnie The Rhino

AggieBella Bee

Ennis Mountain Series

​About the Author: Lisa A. Selner
As a wildlife biologist, Lisa A. Selner has been working in wildlife conservation since college. Through her work with various entities throughout the United States, she has embarked on many ventures with a multitude of wildlife species.
Some of her most memorable moments have been spent with bears, birds of prey, bison, coyotes, elk, mountain lions, and wild horses!
Lisa is also a licensed falconer, or someone who trains birds of prey for hunting. Falconers are highly dedicated individuals who invest a lot of time and energy into working with these birds. In general, falconers have a very positive impact on conservation efforts with regard to birds of prey, and offer a great deal of knowledge about their behaviour, ecology, habitat, and natural history.

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Lisa A. Selner

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Bug Story Series

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Heart Hero