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In early 2016, I started out writing a Christmas book entitled, Pee Wee The Christmas Tree.  But I had already done a lot of research on self publishing companies, and there were either too costly for me, or I did not understand their plan. 

​While browsing the internet I came across the services of Denis Poulix at http://www.shangrila-studio.com/yourchildren-sbook.html.  Demos offered a one stop service, meaning he did the entire package of publishing.  Denis did the illustrations and worked through the procedures of getting the book published.  The cost was very reasonable.  I knew that if I ever hoped to get a puck published, it would have to be with Denis.  It was so easy working with Denis. 
​He had the skills and all the answers.  

Now, as the Christmas season is starting the response to Pee Wee The Christmas Tree has been wonderful.    Potential customers, book reviewers, libraries, etc were impressed with the illustrations.  They expressed their excitement about how bright and exciting the illustrations were.  Denis suggested an  8 X 11 sixe book and that larger size enhanced the illustrations so much.  Our book signings to date have been good and parents are excited about having a positive book with a strong message.  

So, all my thanks goes to Denis.  I will never start another book unless Denis is involved.  His advice, assistance and kindness is the reason why Pee Wee has been accepted so well.  One book reviewer wrote:  "Step aside, Rudolph, here comes another cute little fellow, fighting for attention."  Who knows what the future holds, but results thus far is most encouraging and indications are Pee Wee might show up each Christmas to join in the Christmas celebration.

A special thanks to Denis for giving me the opportunity to be successful in the future.

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