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Today there are an endless variety of devices that are available for ebooks and new ones are coming out all the time. Some of the ebook devices do a better job at maintaining the look and feel of your book than others. We specifically work with Kindle for ebooks because their device provides the most consistent and best platform for enjoying your book as it was intended to be enjoyed. They work with the other major ebook devices and support them with free apps, so you don't have to own a Kindle to purchase and read your book. Your customers can now read their Kindle books on iPADs, iphones, MAC and PC computers and Blackberry's as well as Android and Windows Phone 7. It opens a world of possibilities.

Also authors need to keep in mind that ebook readers are smaller than most printed children's books, and they have more technical limitations. The devices have a smaller area to view the book, so books with larger amounts of text per page will be harder to read than books with a larger font sizes and fewer words. Not every children's book will work as well as a digital book as it will as a print book, so it's important to evaluate whether your title will be a good fit for the ebook package.

Publishing Your Book
​Welcome to Your Children’s book Services

I am committed to making the publishing of your story as easy as possible for you, and that's why I offer a
“One Stop Children’s book Service”  where I can personally fulfill your illustration and publishing requirements.

Please Keep in Mind: The prices listed below are for publishing only, and do not include the cost for each printed book or the cost of the book illustrations (artwork quote is supplied separately).

Package #1: Soft Cover Print Package - $595.00

At Your Children’s Book Services, I feel that there's nothing like holding your book in hand for the very first time! It's something every author has dreamed of. However, the journey from your initial vision to the long-awaited book's arrival in the mail can be a challenging one.
At Your Children’s Book Services, I have worked personally with new and seasoned authors for many years, and it's my vision to create for you a home where you can bring your ideas, match them with illustrations that complement and enhance your story, and then shepherd your project through the various steps that it takes to create a finished product ready to share with the world. It's reassuring to have someone on your team who's successfully navigated the publishing industry before and knows what needs to happen to smooth out the process.
At Your Children’s Book Services, I offer a complete package of services from start to finish, including illustrations, layout, design and preparing your project for printing.

This Package Includes:  Communication with me the illustrator, Formatting of images, Layout of Book, Free ISBN number, creation of proof copy of book, registration of book with all available distribution outlets provided by Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), registration of title on for sale.

Package #2: The E-Book Package - $395.00

For the first-time statistics show that sales of digital books, through Kindle devices, have outsold physical copies of books through the website. Reasons is, there are no printing costs with digital books, and they can be offered at a cheaper cost and more convenient to purchase.
Don't get left behind in the dust on this new digital publishing revolution. Your Children’s Book Services is at your service to release your book through Kindle, which also allows your books to be enjoyed on the leading e-reader devices, iPad, Mac, PC computers and many others.

This Package Includes: Creation of e-book for Kindle devices, creation of Kindle author account.

Package #3: Print and E-Book Package - $799.00

The publishing world is changing fast! Every day ebook sales are soaring. On the other hand, there are many people who still like to curl up in there favorite chair with a good book. And while some people are anxious to try out the newest thecknology, there will always be those who love the smell and feel of paper and ink.
This package is designed for the author that appreciates the traditional ways of doing things while still embracing the coming technologies. I understand that there's nothing like holding your book in your hand... even if it's on a Kindle, so we've put together a package for the informed author who wants to make sure that they're not neglecting any of today's avenues that might lead to a fan's ability to enjoy their newest book. That's why we offer this package.

This Package Includes: Initial consultation with author, Communication with me the illustrator, Formatting of images, Layout of Book, Creation of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account, Free ISBN number, creation of proof copy of book, registration of book with all available distribution outlets provided by (KDP), registration of title on for sale, Creation of e-book for Kindle devices. 

Promotional Branding. - $399.00

Book Series or Company Logo Design:
Logos are helpful identification markers for your website (you’ll probably use it as part of your heading and as your favicon), but you can also use your logo in other places such as: Your social media profiles - Membership profiles - Business cards – Stationery - Other printed materials.
Your logo can help people immediately recognize you no matter where you are online and off.

Other promotional items are T-shirt and Poster Designs that can be sold separately on your social media sites or website. (These items are quoted separately). 

If you have any questions about Your One Stop Children’s Book Services?
Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to being of service.
Your Children's Book Services